The purpose of the Agency is to undertake the financing of the needs of the State, the improvement of the cost of funding and the achievement of the best possible structure (composition and maturity) of the public debt according to the needs of the Hellenic State and the prevailing international economic conditions.

For the achievement of the above mentioned purpose, the Agency, having taken into consideration the approved by the Minister of Finance annual program of financing the funding requirements of the State takes actions towards the following:

  1. Management and execution of the borrowing program
  2. Management of the debt portfolio
  3. Reporting to the Ministry of Finance on the development of the public debt and submitting proposals in connection with debt management policy and debt structure
  4. Providing financial advice, in connection with the conclusion in the domestic or international markets, of loans by organizations and agencies of the broader public sector, monitoring the servicing of such loans, coordinate the timing of their borrowing programs and evaluating the effects of public debt and its servicing.