The Funding Policy of the PDMA is based upon the following principles:

  • Providing transparency concerning the overall annual funding strategy of the Hellenic Republic.
  • Continuing to build the Yield Curve of the Hellenic Republic through issuances of different maturities and if need be of different currencies. This will go through the issuance of liquid benchmark GGB issuances, across the maturity spectrum of the Greek Sovereign Yield Curve filling also the maturity gaps of the curve.
  • Bringing the credit spread of the GGB curve in line with peers
  • Performing liability management exercises, if need be.
  • Keeping a continuous dialogue with investors’ community and building stronger relationship with potential new investors.
  • Providing confidence and all necessary information to both Investors and Rating Agencies.
  • Implementing and expanding the already existing active cash and liquidity management strategy to all General Government Entities in a holistic approach considering everyone as part of an integrated whole.