On November 13, 2012 theHellenic Republic will auction 4 and 13 Weeks T-Bills, in book entry form.

The amounts to be auctioned are the following:

  1. 4W T-bills: 2,125 million Euro with maturity 14 December 2012
  2. 13W T-bills: 1,000 million Euro with maturity 15 February 2013

Settlement date is November 16, 2012 (T+2).

Only Primary Dealers are allowed to participate, according to their operation regulations.

During the auction non – competitive bids can be submitted up to 30% of the auction amount. On top of that, Primary Dealers can submit non-competitive bids up to another 30% of the auctioned amount, until November 15, 2012 ( (12:00 p.m. local time).

The day count convention is ACT/360.

No commission will be paid for the T-Bills auctioned.

Only bids through the Electronic Trading System (H.D.A.T.) are accepted.